An RP taking place on 2012 Earth, when the barriers between the world of fiction and reality disappear. What will you do, in this nexus of worlds, this crossroads of all reality?
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 Pentagon Interior

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PostSubject: Pentagon Interior   Pentagon Interior Icon_minitimeSun Oct 02, 2011 3:43 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Pentagon Interior   Pentagon Interior Icon_minitimeSun Oct 02, 2011 6:42 pm

"Hello, Mister President. I would like very much to talk to you."

Everyone in the room turned to face the voice. There stood nothing; Nothing living, nothing dead, as it seemed. There were no shadows in that particular area of the room, and no obvious place to hide. Then again, a mysterious figure who had bypassed the Pentagon's security wasn't going to hide somewhere obvious. And if that mysterious unseen figure had gotten in here without raising the alarm or getting shot, then he was either a spy or something not of this world. The latter option may seem crazy to some, but even a spy is human; Humans cannot hide in the open with nowhere to hide. People, such as Thom can.

With Magic.

"Who is there?" called the man in charge. The man who was tasked with leading over three hundred million people.

"Me." Thom muttered in the calmest tone he had ever spoken in. The air rippled slightly from where the voice came; Slowly, a hooded figure became clear before them. He seemed to come together from the dust and dirt in this room, as little as there was of it in an office so grand. It was then when one of the awestruck occupants of the clean, grand office spoke out with fear hot on his tongue.


The mage hushed the suited man who managed almost half a word with a simple finger to the lips. Then, Thom removed the finger from its position and brought it to his chest, around his heart.

"I... Am one of the nobles who defeated Grimnir and his minions... I am a member of the Order of Magick." he almost whispered, looking at the president, "I am Thom... and I am here, to help you."

"I-I don't understand. Thom." the president said keeping calm, although his breathing became a little more regular.

"I will be watching. In the meantime, I suggest you deal with the things your Admiral showed you. They are not from this world and neither are the ones being brought to you at this very second. Believe everything they say. They are the only ones who can help you. Trust me when I say there is worse to come."

A flash of blue: Thom ceased to exist to the members of the office.
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Pentagon Interior
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