An RP taking place on 2012 Earth, when the barriers between the world of fiction and reality disappear. What will you do, in this nexus of worlds, this crossroads of all reality?
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 Red Saber Application

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PostSubject: Red Saber Application   Red Saber Application Icon_minitimeSat Nov 26, 2011 4:16 pm

Name:Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus "Empress of Tyrants"

Class: Saber (Ruler)

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Alignment: Hero

Personality: She is a kind person, but also arrogant. She's also over obsessed with her artistic abilities, amongst other things.




Noble Phantasm

Image:(!AestusEstus.png )

Name: Aestus Estus

Title: Aestus Estus: The Embryonic Flame

Owner: Nero

Rank: It has no special ability, but is considered A Rank in terms of weapon rank. It has no attack, so it's basically just what the weapon ranks as in craftsman ship, the swords durability, and it's basic given rank, as it has no more function other than being her sword.

NP Type: N/A It's simply a well-crafted sword, strong sword. A sword after all, is just a sword.

Description: A beautiful handcrafted sword, made to serve the Empress in her combat. It has no "special" attack per say, other than being her sword. The only special ability it holds is the ability to partially use her Reality Marble like Noble Phantasm through it, buffing her stats.


Noble Phantasm


Name: Aestus Domus Aurea

Title: Aestus Domus Aurea: Golden Theater Swing

Owner: Saber

Rank: Ex (Presumed)

NP Type: Reality Marble "type" Noble Phantasm

Description: Rather than being a materialization of her inner world, it is High-Thamaturgy that only Nero, who believes without a doubt that before her status as an emperor she is "an artist who rivals Apollo" and "a chariot driver that rivals Sol", can perform. It is an "absolute imperial zone" which allows the owner to achieve their aspirations (which can, naturally, include smashing a foe to pieces).When the theater was first opened for business, many of the spectators left midway through the performance, causing an outraged Nero to blockade all doorways once the second performance began and not let even one person leave until the curtains of the stage were down. As a result, escape - without Nero's permission or cessations of the Phantasm - is virtually impossible.


Divine: B -A : At this rank, the Servant has the blood of a god within them, but not directly (grandchild of a god, etc). At this rank, the Servant is half god. (Her divinity rank is disputable, as most Emperors before her had calimed to be half god, as well as herself. Also, her line is said to be descendent from Aphrodite.)

Instinct, Rank C: this resembles a formidable sixth sense. It reduces by a fourth any obstacles to vision and hearing.

Riding, Rank B-C: Most vehicles can be handled with above average skill.

Anti-Magic, Rank C: At this rank, spells on the level of those consisting of three or less lines will be cancelled, and even greater incantations will suffer penalties

Right of the Empress, Rank EX: By force of will, the Empress may obtain abilities nominally beyond the scope of her natural talents.

Metallurgy(Allows construction of things in metal working.)

Charisma, Rank B(-C at times): At this rank, the Servant increases the ability of his or her army during mass combat. B-rank is enough to lead a country. Morale will never drop for his/her troops, and simply by being present, the troops will gain a huge boost to morale, thus increasing their fighting ability.

Battle Continuance Rank A: At this rank, the Servant may battle even on the verge of death, and will stay alive until a clearly fatal blow is dealt.

Headache, Rank A: A constant affliction that Saber possessed in life, causing her to be more susceptible to psychic attacks. But, it is a double edged sword, weakening her to direct mental attacks, but also giving her near immunity to mind reading, as the headaches works on both parties.

Art/Lore, Rank A(She is Nero, after all. Mostly non-combat): Extreme skill in the finer arts, and her knowledge of lore and mythology is very high. This gives her the ability to predict what weapon a Noble Phantasm is with enough discussion, and research, at times. This is not absolute however, and there's always the dangerous chance she can mistake it for the wrong phantasm. This goes for Heroic identities as well, to a lesser extent.

Strength: A

Endurance: A

Agility: B

Mana: C (+B)


Intelligence: B (-C)

Fame: 3
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Red Saber Application
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